Diving In, Nikki Miller’s Life of Service

The owner and founder of Academy Swim Club, Nikki Miller, was recently highlighted in Santa Clarita Living Magazine.  Below is the article by Jean Sutton, originally posted at http://santaclaritalife.com/articles/diving-nikki-millers-life-service/#comment-7339. When...

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Stay the Course

This is it.  We’re in the home stretch.  Your instructors have only one last thing they want to tell you . . . Stay the Course. Translated, that means DON’T PULL YOUR CHILD OUT EARLY! If you do, even once, she will cry all the harder during the next lessons because,...

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Watch From a Safe Distance

It’s Week 3 in our series of things we wish parents knew before the start of swim lessons.  This time we want you to Watch From A Safe Distance. That means the viewing area.  If your child is really crying, preferably the back of the viewing area.  You would think the...

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Keep Calm & Carry On

So you’ve made the decision to stick with swim lessons for at least 3 lessons, but your work is not done yet. . .   Keep Calm and Carry On. Your attitude will set the tone for all the lessons to follow.  Try to stay cheerful and moderately excited, as if you and your...

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What We Wish You Knew

Some kids never cry.  You know the ones I mean.  These are the babies that have never met a stranger.  As toddlers they launch into new activities with enthusiasm.  They sleep through the night at birth.  If you’re lucky enough to have such a child as this, well, good...

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From Bitterness to Betterness: Anthony Ervin

Hometown swimmer Anthony Ervin is regaining world recognition for seizing eight medals in the 15th FINA 2013 World Cup Championships in October and November. One might compare his super swimming strength and resilience to a Spiderman series – humbly finding his...

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Remembering Sunday

The weather was hot, the water was wet, the pool was as full as it could get. We gathered together for fun in the sun, all to say “Thanks!” to our fab patrons. Ryan and his band The Early Risers came, and they rocked, yeah, they rocked you like a hurricane. Captain...

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Amazing Accomplishments

What merits the word amazing?  Is it an “A” on a homework assignment, a beautiful sunset, a newborn child, or a baby going underwater for the first time? At Academy Swim Club anything can be amazing!  But what is most remarkable is a child’s joy and power once they...

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