5 Reasons You Should Be Exercising With Your Kids Every Day

By: Jenny Wise 5 Reasons You Should Be Exercising With Your Kids Every Day Between a busy work schedule and family responsibilities, it can be tricky for parents to find the time for fitness. Video games and television can make kids reluctant to workout too. But...

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Myths and Truths of Winter Swimming

Myths and Truths of Winter Swimming Date:  Nov 07-2008             Over time, there have been wives tales about winter exposure that have left many parents confused and believing these myths. The following medical facts were given by Dr. Norm Payne, of Payne...

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Drowning Prevention Checklist

Drowning Prevention Checklist Date:  Apr 11-2006 Drowning Prevention Checklist  As we approach summer, it is important for parents to remember that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 5 in the state of...

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Why Swim Year Round?

Why Swim Year Round? Date:  Sep 07-2007 Water is a unique medium that offers opportunity for everyone: Newborns, toddlers, children, teens, adults and the elderly, including athletes, arthritic, and the injured. Swimming is the only sport one can do, literally, from...

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ADD/ADHD & Swimming

ADD/ADHD & Swimming Date:  Aug 25-2008 There has been lots of buzz lately around anything Michael Phelps. He has earned his place in American Sports History, and we haven’t even begun to see the ripple effect of his wins. With that said, his mother, Debbie, has...

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Water’s Healing Abilities

Water's Healing Abilities Date:  Aug 01-2008             We have always known that water makes us feel better. Fortunes go into pools, hot tubs, and baths, and aquatic therapy has been very productive. Finally, Dr. Bruce Becker, clinical professor in the Department of...

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Exercise & Immunity

Exercise & Immunity Date:  Nov 03-2009 A recent article in the journal Brain, Behavior & Immunity published some interesting findings regarding exercise and immunity, especially with all the “flu” news going around today. There were three groups of mice which...

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Water: A Vertical and Horizontal Fitness Tool

Water: A Vertical and Horizontal Fitness Tool Date:  Apr 30-2009 ( Water is an incredible resource for fitness because it simultaneously provides buoyancy and resistance.  Water exercise works for everyone, every body and every ability level....

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